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February 2023
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Military Occupational Speciality

Here is a list for the 3 Divisions of the useful
you can specialize in while in 1TF.
Please feel free to speak to a NCO or CO before picking one M.O.S
because the maximum M.O.S's you can hold is three.


# Position Rank Division Example
00Z  Command Sergeant Major CSM 1st Platoon Commander Proficient
09B Trainee Unassigned PV1 1st Platoon Rifleman - Unassigned
00E  Trainee Officer CPL 1st Platoon Officer in training
11B Infantryman PV2 1st Platoon Rifleman - ACOG/MildotGrenadier/Marksman
11C Infantryman - Indirect Fire PV2 1st Platoon Automatic Rifle Proficient
11X Infantryman - Enlistment Option PV1 1st Platoon Rifleman - Mildot/ACOG Only
11Z Infantryman - Senior Sergeant SGT 1st Platoon Officer Proficient
11A Infantryman - Officer SFC 1st Platoon Officer Proficient
68W Infantryman - Combat Medic SPC 1st Platoon Medic Proficient
18B  Infantryman - Weapons Specialist SPC 1st Platoon Specialist Proficient
12B Combat Engineer SPC 1st Platoon Combat Engineer Proficient
12A Combat Engineer Officer SGT 1st Platoon FOB Building Proficient
13F Fire Support Specialist SGT 1st Platoon Target Spotting Proficient
13S Field Artillery Surveyor SGT 1st Platoon Pre-Planned Targeting Proficient
88H Cargo Specialist PFC 1st Platoon Supply Truck Driving Proficient
88M Motor Transport Operator PFC 1st Platoon Humvee/ATV Driving Proficient
88K Watercraft Operator PFC 1st Platoon Dinghey Driving Proficient
88A Transportation Officer SFC 1st Platoon Officer Proficient
19D Cavalry Scout SPC 2nd Platoon Tank Spotting Proficient
14R Bradley Linebacker Crewmember PFC 2nd Platoon Bradley Driving/Gunning Proficient
14M Portable Air Defense Crewmember PFC 2nd Platoon AA vehicle Proficient
19K Armor Crewman PFC 2nd Platoon Tank/APC Driving/Gunning Proficient
19Z Armor Senior Sergeant SGT 2nd Platoon Tank/APC Leading Proficient
14S Air and Missile Defense Crewmember PFC 3rd Platoon Static Air Defense Turret Proficient
15P Aviation Operations Specialist CPL 3rd Platoon All Army Aircrafts Piloting Proficient
152C MH-6/AH-6 Pilot PFC 3rd Platoon Littlebird Piloting Proficient
153D UH-60 Trans Pilot PFC 3rd Platoon BlackHawk Piloting Proficient
152F AH-64A Attack Pilot PFC 3rd Platoon Apache Piloting Proficient
15Q Air Traffic Control Operator SFC 3rd Platoon Flight Startegy Proficient
15W Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator CSM 3rd Platoon UAV Piloting Proficient


# Position Rank Division Example
0311 Rifleman Pvt 1st Platoon Rifleman - ACOG/Mildot
0311 Rifleman (with Expert Badge) Pfc 1st Platoon Rifleman - ACOG/Mildot Grenadier/Marksman
0331 Machine Gunner Pvt 1st Platoon Emplaced/Vehicle Turret Operator
0351 Assaultman Pvt 1st Platoon Shoulder Mounted Anti-tank Weapon Operator
1371 Combat Engineer Pfc 1st Platoon Repair Allied Vehicles/Sets Up Ambushs
0302 Infantry Officer Cpl 1st Platoon Squad Leader
0369 Infantry Unit Leader Sgt 1st Platoon Platoon Leader (Three squads or more)
0622 Radio Operator Cpl 1st Platoon Keeps Communication from Squad to Commander
7202 Joint Attack Controller SgtMaj 1st Platoon Commander
0317 Scout Sniper LCpl 1st Platoon Forward Observer/Sniper
0321 Reconnaissance Man Pvt 1st Platoon Long Range Recon
1803 AAV Officer Cpl 1st Platoon Assault Amphibious Vehicle
0312 Riverine Assault Craft LCpl 1st Platoon Driver/Gunner Riverine Assault Craft
0303 Light-Armored Officer Cpl 1st Platoon Humvee driver
0352 Anti-Tank Missleman LCpl 1st Platoon TOW Operator
1802 Armor Officer Cpl 2nd Platoon Squad Leader for Armor Divisions
0313 LAV Crewman Pfc 2nd Platoon Driver/Gunner LAV
1812 M1A1 Crewman Pfc 2nd Platoon Driver/Gunner M1A1
1833 AAV Crewman Pfc 2nd Platoon Driver/Gunner Assault Amphibious Vehicle
1834 EFV Crewman Pfc 2nd Platoon Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
7202 Air Command Officer Cpl 3rd Platoon All Air Trans and CAS Co-ordination
7563 Pilot: UH-1 Certified LCpl 3rd Platoon UH-1 Attack/Transport Pilot
7565 Pilot: AH-1 Certified LCpl 3rd Platoon AH-1 Pilot
7599 Flight Student Pfc 3rd Platoon Trainee Pilot
0451 Air Delivery Specialist Pfc 3rd Platoon Ensures Cargo Reaches Allies

Air Force
11FBPilot: A-10 CertifiedA1C81st F.S.
A-10 Pilot
Pilot: F-16 Certified
23rd F.S.
Air Force
F-16 Pilot
Weapons Systems Manager
1C2XCombat Control
SSgtAir Force
Combat and Control Operator
Supply Management
Vehicle Operations
Security Forces
Air Force
Air Force
Air Force
Ensures Cargo Reaches Allies
Light Vehicle Operator
Security Forces Personnel