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Top posters

Have you gotten tired of playing with Battlefield vanilla noobs? If so, then are you ready to join up with the best of the best? 1st to Fight is a group of players from several backgrounds, with one thing in common, we like to kick some ass and take some names. The way we do this is through heavy and intense training. Put simply, we will transform you into a Project Reality killing machine, capable of feats of daring that other players will be in awe of. So, are you ready to be the 1st to Fight?

1st to Fight is organized into three different Branches, each with a unique, and equally important role. They are lead by members of the High command in all manners.

[1TF] Marine corps:

The 1TFMC, is much like its namesake, they are the heavy hitters, the ground pounders. Marines, although they are a smaller force, are the most tenacious fighters in the world, they do anything and everything to achieve their objective, and do this by a combination of blunt force, combined arms and smart tactics. The 1TFMC is divided into:

1st BTN:
The 1st Battalion is the infantry of the 1TFMC, their objective is to strike hard, keep striking, and never lose ground to any threat, air, land or sea. If you are the blood sweat and tears that the enemy slip on as they run for their lives then this is for you.

1st Tank BTN:
The 1st Tank Battalion, is the tip of the spear for the 1TFMC, they are the men who carves a way for the rest of the battle with hot pounds of lead and then speed to the next objective. If you are the metal moving forward to knock the wind out of the opponents then this is for you.

1st Marine Air Wing:
The Air Wing of the 1TFMC, is the fast transport of the 15th MEU, along with supplying all of its allies, they also rain fear from the AH-1 Cobra Gunship, as well as the UH-1N Huey. If you are the wind that brings comfort, support and risk to the operations and fear to the enemy to land a success then this is for you.

[1TF] Army

The 1TFA, is the fighting unit that moves out, and shows full military force. Nothing gets past the Army and nothing stands in front of them. When they are given orders, not only are they followed to the “T”, but the Army goes the extra mile. The 1TFA is divided into:

75th RR:
The 75th Ranger Regiment, or the Rangers are the infantry of the 1TFA. They are the elite infantry of the Army. They prefer direct action and results. If you bring the battle to the enemy and greet them with strength, brains and skill, then this is for you.

37th AR:
The 37th Armored Regiment is responsible for all heavy armor for the Army. Along with safely transporting and re-supplying allies, they are tasked to destroy all enemies, as well as anything and everything that the enemy could find useful. If you like to arrive when the troops need you, hold your ground and leave when the job is done this is for you.

160th SOAR:
The 160th SOAR, or Special Operations Aviation Regiment, performs whatever the Army needs in Sun, Storm or Shots. Pilots to the 160th SOAR must be the best of the best, and must back down to nothing. They fly the most dangerous, most challenging and most rewarding missions in the Army. If you want to land with heat and leave with danger while using skill and talent to protect you and your packages then this is for you.

[1TF] Air Force

The 1TFAF, are the elite pilots of the 1TF military, they are trained to fly either the Air Attack class (Viper) or Close Air Support class (Hammer) Jets. The Air Force’s most important role is that of controlling the airspace above the battle zone, as well as who sets foot in it. It is much like what General Jimmy Doolittle said, "If you control the air, you cannot loose, if you do not control the air, you cannot win." Pilots considering joining must be of the highest caliber, and try out for one of the two squadrons.

81st Fighter Squadron (Viper):
The Fighting 81st, fly the air attack jet, and must be skilled in dogfighting as well as CAS.  The 81st Fighter Squadron fly's high and silent keeping the skies clear, striking targets like a viper.  Once the enemy gets hit, they are out of commission.

23rd Fighter Squadron (Hammer):
The 23rd Fighter squadron fly the close air support jets, and must be highly skilled in Close Air Support, as well as able to hold their own in a dogfight.  The 23rd Fighter Squadron, fly's high and silent, until they are needed to hit a ground target, in which they come in jets wide open and screaming loud, hit targets on the ground like a hammer hitting a nail.  Once they are hit, they are gone.

1st To Fight is a very tight knit clan. And though we train hard, we all have the best of times.
So do you think you are ready to step across the lines, follow us to victory, and make a choice you wont regret? Then post your application here.
We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield soldier!